What do you want to be?

As my impending graduation looms, it brings with it a mixed bag of feelings. My flatmates and I are all equally terrified about both the building pressure to do well in these next few crucial months, and the great wide world that awaits us come summer. This isn’t just another blissful 4 months of nothing to do, this is life, racing towards us at full pelt. Of course, it’s also hard not find it really exciting as well. For me, 16 years of being in full time education are coming to an end. I have never been out of an educational institution for more that 4 months in much my entire life so what comes next is inevitably unnerving me slightly, as well as giving me a sense of inpatient anxiety; I just can’t wait to see what the future is going to hold. Which direction we are now going to go it almost entirely unknown, but I think we should all expect the unexpected.

All I am 100% certain of, is no more of this. ^^

And many more adventures like this








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