Eleanor and Rachael come to stay

This weekend two of my best and oldest friends came to stay with me in Bristol. I’ve known Eleanor and Rachael since I was about 8 years old and they’re great girls. Both arrived on Friday afternoon by car and coach and I quickly ushered them into my nice warm flat for some chilli, rice and garlic bread. They were starving after their journeys and I was as well of course so I think it went down a treat! We went off to my room to get ready and had a catch up at the same time! I haven’t seem then since November so we ha lots to talk about! Some uni friends came over and we all say around drinking and talking in the living room until we went out at 11ish. On to embargo which is an eventful place on a Friday night as all the locals are celebrating the end of the week. We had a great night dancing and wearing the bouncers hat then headed home via the legendary Jason donervan. I had my classic cheesy chips and garlic mayo of course. I think the girls enjoyed! When we got back we had a daily drinker FaceTime with Sophie over in Australia which I’m afraid I don’t remember much of! Poor Sophie.
The next day we woke feeling suitably horrendous and dragged our sorry selves to my FAVOURITE breakfast/hangover hangout in Bristol – the American diner style rocatollios. We all had the classic fry ups which disappeared very fast. Feeling slightly better we walked down park street which has some fun quirky shops and then on to the city centre. After stopping at an awesome food market in Nicholas street where Eleanor and I had a shot of spirinula (healthy green plant algae – we though it would be good for the hangover – it wasn’t) and some amazing smoothies which have added to my inspiration for my future cafe, we met up with Rachael’s mum Claire and her friend Paula for a coffee. The afternoon ended in urban outfitters where we all bought something, I got an awesome Aztec style makeup bag.
Tired, we went back to mine where I made sweet potato wedges and a chicken casseroles and then watched two films – going the distance and starter for ten. The later was especially good, I’ve read the book which was written by the same person which wrote one day, another classic.
The girls left on Sunday morning and I was really sad to see them go! See you soon ladies xxxx20130211-120047.jpg20130211-120102.jpg20130211-120112.jpg20130211-120129.jpg20130211-120138.jpg20130211-120149.jpg20130211-120204.jpg20130211-120210.jpg







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