Butternut Squash – the most underrated vegetable?

download (1)Butternut Squash has to be one of my favourite vegetables. I remember my mum saying she used to feed it to me purred as a baby, so perhaps the taste has always stayed with me. For someone who wants to eat healthily on a budget like me, I couldn’t recommend this more. Incredibly versatile the ‘squash can be devoured in a number of ways and although at first they can seem expensive in the supermarket, I normally find that one can be used in at least four meals, therefore very cost effective.! Cook it with the skin on or off, doesn’t make a difference, and mash it, roast it (my favourite) as a side to any dish or fry it in a curry to make a substantial and flavoursome addition. Typically I find that it goes well roasted into a salad, or mashed as a side to a meat dish, but there are so many ways a squash can be used! Here are two of my favourite recipes which include the squash, one in which it is the main focus, and one where it’s an addition, they’re delicious!

1.) Butternut Squash and Aubergine curry

This meal was discovered by me and my flatmate while we were trying to find a substantial curry to both feed a lot of people and to satisfy meat-eaters as this is a vegetarian meal.


1 Butternut Squash


1 Aubergine


White onion and Garlic


Mild curry paste (tomato based)

Firstly dice the squash, this can be tiresome so I normally keep the skin on. When it is cut into chunks, fry them in a pan (with oil) until they start to go soft. Next add the onion and garlic, how much garlic is up to you but I would go for 1 clove. After they are all mixed in, add the aubergine, which should also be diced. When the veg is softening, add the curry paste, all of it. Mix the food together until the paste has absorbed the veg and turn down to a slightly lower heat. Prepare the stock and pour it in gradually. You should wait for each pour to become absorbed before pouring in more. Cover the curry and leave for about 30 minutes, checking occasionally that there is no stick. (You might want to leave it on a low heat). Towards the end, add the spinach and chickpeas and mix altogether. Serve with wholegrain rice.



2. Butternut squash, blue cheese and walnut lunch. 

This tastes absolutely incredible. The infusion of the blue cheese and nuts makes this is substantial and tasty lunch, although you can eat it at any time of the day!


I Butternut squash

Blue cheese



Preheat the oven to 200, cut the squash in half, and dig out the seeds from the core. When the core is empty of seeds and stringy bits, put chopped garlic in there and also spread some around the top. Drizzle with oil and put the entire thing in the oven. Cook for approximately 30 mins, until the entire squash is extremely soft.

While this is cooking, crumble the blue cheese and walnuts into a bowl. Take the soft squash out of the oven and scoop the squash into the bowl of cheese and nuts. Mix well. Next, scoop the mixture into the skin of the original squash, and put back into the oven, for about 10/15 minute, until the cheese has visibly melted and the top has turned golden brown.

Serve with a salad!




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