Stuck in a breakfast rut?

Everyday I find myself having the same breakfast. Last year a friend and I went on a mission to find the most substantial morning meal and after it’s discovery I can’t seem to eat anything else with out it sounding like there is an angry man inside my stomach trying to get out after an hour….This magical breakfast is traditional porridge oats. The beauty of this is that they’re not only filling, but quick to make and you can have so many different varieties of topping/favouring. I’ve had so many different styles, honey, jam, fruit – fresh or dried. At the moment my favourite combo is a chopped up banana, mixed berries, cinnamon and sometimes flaxseed sprinkled on top. It’s delicious and healthy. 

But I’m getting quite bored of this and the other morning tried out a new breakfast recipe that I found here.

The Breakfast Burrito

On the 3rd January this year, I was in Sydney airport, feeling pretty tired hungover and sad after leaving one of my best friends. We had had the most amazing few days and an incredible new years, plus I had just been sick on the tube to the airport. So I was feeling pretty fragile. 

Hungover hunger took over and my eyes locked onto the Burrito stall…10 minutes later I was sitting in the sun eating the most incredible beany/guacamole filled roll, beautiful

So anyway when I saw this recipe I knew it would satisfy a raging hunger and be really tasty.

You need:

– A wrap (preferably wholemeal and quite large)

– 2 eggs, scrambled. (Original recipe said only egg whites to make it healthier, but this is optional)

– Beans, (I used kidney, to make it more Mexican go for black beans or pinto)

– Mushrooms

– Mild tomato salsa

– Cheese (optional)

It’s really quick. Simply prepare all the above, spoon into a wrap, and microwave for about a minute.

Tell me what you think!



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