Today is 100 days until Rome



2 thoughts on “Today is 100 days until Rome

  1. Luck you! I’ve been to Rome around three times a year for 6 years now and never tire of it! If you haven’t been to Rome before, May I recommend a few places:

    Giolitti – By far the most delicious Gelato anywhere in Rome. You see loads of politicians hanging out there chatting and downing espressos and Limoncello shots on their lunch breaks as Montecitorio Palace is pretty much on the next street. (Get pistachio flavour, it’s the best!)

    When at a bar or even Giolitti (above) order a caffe con panna – Just means espresso with cream but the cream is too beautiful for words. They scoop out this fresh cream and dollop it on top of the espresso, it’s gorgeous!

    Tazza d Oro – This is a great place for granita di caffe – Like an iced coffee, also they have a little shop part where you can buy their own stunning coffees.

    If I think of any more I will post them 🙂

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