Rainy Friday

Today is one of those days where it rains and rain…and rains. Although I probably would be stuck inside anyway today even if it wasn’t raining, writing my dissertation, it’s still depressing! Most of us at uni are writing our final year dissertations at the moment, and are at difference stages. I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few weeks reassuring friends that it will all be fine. I should probably listen to my own advice; it will be fine. Days like these also make me want to start planning summer. It’s getting closer and I certainly need something to look forward too. At the moment its looking like, Rome for definite, the possibly Amsterdam, Hamburg  Berlin and potentially Thailand – will be amazing if I actually pull this off. 

For now though its work work work. I did make a great yummy lunch today though which was a personal variation on North African Eggs. 

– Boil a pan of water and soften cubes of butter-nut squash 

– Meanwhile in a frying pan, fry up half an onion and some garlic, then coat them in paprika. This is good because it stops the dish being overwhelmed by the flavour but adds a nice background. Add the softened squash to fry for a while, the pour in half a tin of chopped plum tomatoes. When all is nice and hot – make 2 small holes and break an egg into each whole – then cook!

– I had mine on sour-dough toast with grated cheddar cheese on top, but normal bread on pita is also fine 



My life at the moment






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